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Work from home is by default again! It is time to clear out some space to beautify them with plants! Not only these plants are able to clean air, it will add some relief to your tired eyes! 

Don't worry, let us pick the best suitable pots for you with free delivery right to your door step. Now only @ $99 (retail @ $115), only available during this CB Heighten Alert Phase. While stocks last! 

$99.00 $115.00
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We will be picking 1 pot from each category and pair it with a plant (either foliage or succulent) 

Type A: Ceramic pot @ 17x17cm (Foliage plants worth at least $15)

Type B: Porcelain pot @ 12x15cm (Foliage plants worth at least $15)

Type C: Enamel pot @ 7cm (Succulent plants worth at least $7)

Each bundle will have information of the plants & a free watering bottle worth $2, free delivery right to your door step worth $10. 

PS: If you prefer certain pots, please indicate them upon checking out. We will assist as best as we can. 

PS: If you wish to only have 2 out of the 3 types, do let email us @ We can do a manual deduction and process the order through email. 

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17x17cm, 12x15cm, 7cm
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