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Airplant Bonsai Workshop (Corporate)

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Come join us and learn the skill of creating an airplant greenwall! With the guidance of our instructor, explore your crafty side and create your own story greenwalls. Learn all about plant care and responsibility through this simple 1hr activity. Create your gift of love and share this joy with your loved ones.

Starting from 10pax for external offsite workshop or at our Funan Studio. Book a date and have an unforgettable experience with us. For less than 10pax, please contact hello@thegreencapsule.com.sg to arrange.

Note: Prices shown is for minimum 10 pax. Contact us if you have more participants to acquire better rates.

Workshop content:

  1. What are airplants
  2. What type of airplants
  3. What plants are suitable for greenwalls
  4. Hands-on with airplant greenwall
  5. How to take care of the airplants
  6. Photo taking