Plantui Smart Garden


Anyone can be a gardener! With Plantui smart garden, you can enjoy fresh, pest & chemical free vegetables everyday all year round. From the state-of-the-art Finnish technology, The Green Capsule is proud to be one of the distributor to assist anyone to grow herbs or vegetables with ease of use and control. With an estimated of only $10 of operating cost per year, it is one of the easiest and most sustainable crops grower in the world. 

- Awarded with 2015 red dot design, 

- Endorsed by Michellin Finnish chef Sasu Laukkonen

- 2.5 times more Vitamin C & 3 times more Beta-Carotene than other sources

Plantui Smart Garden is fully automated and regulate both irrigation and light optimally. 

Plantui Setup Guide

Note: Plantui Smart Garden does not come with seeds/plants capsule. Capsules are sold separately. Each box cost $9 and contains 3 capsules. Each Plantui Smart Garden can hold up to 6 capsules. It is advisable to purchase them in the same growth categories. For more information please go to Plantui Plant seeds

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