Hand Drawn Card Making with Terrarium Crafting on 30th Sept, 1pm to 4pm


4 Skills in one workshop! This is a collaboration project between The Green Capsule & Laugh And Belly (LAB). A 3hr workshop where you will learn watercoloring, doodling, pun-making and terrarium crafting! 
The first part of the workshop will be conducted by the Pun Fu LAB Master. Learn how to create colored illustrations and appropriate puns on a mini greeting card that can be hang on your crafted terrariums or a gift for your friend. LAB is a hand drawn card-making project operated since July 2016. LAB's goal is to spread positivity around with their quirky and cute illustrations which are often paired with punny phases
The second part of the workshop will be conducted by The Green Capsule. With the guidance of our instructor, explore your crafty side and create your own story jars. Learn all about plant care and responsibility through this simple activity. Create your gift of love and share this joy with your loved ones.
Materials provided
- Watercolor paper, watercolor, waterbrush
- Draft paper, black gel pen
- Zine of hand-written nature puns, Envelope & plastic packaging
- Glass jar @ 20x10cm
- All gardening materials (soil, charcoal, pebbles, stones, rocks, plants)
- One FREE Figurine

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