Christmas Tree


Ho Ho Ho! It is the time of the season again! Welcome a magical moment at home or office with a LIVE Christmas Tree. Scent from the fresh pine, blinking lights from the wonderful luminous, mysterious gifts from exquisitely wrapped presents. Every inch of Fir to every Christmas decoration, warms your home or office.  Book your Christmas Tree now before they are gone! 

Which Christmas Tree is more suitable for me? 

Noble Fir: Their needles and branches are fine thus give a lush and full sensation. However, you can't hang heavy Christmas decoration as it may snap their branches.

Nordmann Fir: A total opposite to Noble Fir. It has stronger branches that allow heavy Christmas decoration but it may not be as lush as Noble. Also, it has a sliver tinge at the bottom of the needles.  One of the more favored Christmas Trees. 

Fraser Fir: A Christmas Tree with ultra fine needles. Mild fragrance and strong needles for Christmas decorations. 

Terms & Conditions
- All Christmas trees & Poinsettia are seasonal products and have unique characteristics. They may differ from one another. All sizes are approximate
- Price listed is only for tree. Decoration, delivery & dismantle will be charged separately ranging from $250 to $2000 (3ft to 7ft), $25 for delivery & $50 for dismantle. Delivery will be scheduled 3 days after purchase of the trees. Orders start from 20th Nov 2017. Free delivery for orders in OUE Downtown Gallery (up to 6ft) only
- Reservoir & stand for Christmas tree range from $25 to $50 depending on the height of the trees.
- Traditionally, height is measured from peak to base of trunk, unless requested.
- We only accept refund or exchange for unhealthy trees & Poinsettia up to 7 days (full brown).
- For bigger trees, please contact us through email or phone
- All items are nett prices.

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