An organic, easy to use natural plant vitalizer that is effective for all plants including vegetables, herbs, flowering plants, bonsai, fruits, succulents, cactus and ornamental. 

HB-101 is made up of active plant substances which are essential for plant nutrients

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1. Cedar extract

2. Cypress extract

3. Pine extract

4. Plantain extract

Recommended for:

a. Vitalize your plants

b. Increase longevity of flowers

c. Improve harvest and yields

d. Reduce cost of maintenance

e. Organic and safe 

Apply liquid HB-101 to your plants once a week for optimum results. 

How to use:

1. Mix 1ml of HB-101 with 1litre of water

2. Spray onto foliage once a week, direct water to the soil near the plant once a week

3. For granules, mix 1g of granules for a small pot of plant or 6g of granules for 3.3m2 plot of soil area. Add new batch of granules every 4 to 6months. 

Available in 6ml, 50ml, 100ml & 300g granules. 

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