Air Purifying Plants

Looking to break your bank for a air purifying machine? Why not try plants instead? They are natural and they add aesthetics to your home or office space. Proven by NASA, these plants have the ability to remove toxins and germs from the air. 

Fun Fact:

  • Indoor plants help to improve air quality by reducing VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) by 80% to below 100ppb, reduce carbon dioxide by 10-25% and reduce carbon monoxide by up to 90%

  • Indoor plants help to lower health problems by 20-40%, less medical leave, more productivity

  • Indoor plants help to lower noise pollution from outdoor busy traffic

  • • Indoor plants help to improve business image, giving a perception of warm & welcoming, concern for staff wellness, healthier & cleaner atmosphere, comfortable place to work with, willing to spend money on aesthetics.

  • Plants add life, help people to relax and provide an atmosphere for enjoyment and nature