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Staghorn fern that have very much deer antlers. A great house plant that loves to be hanged. Leaves can grow to impressively long. 
An usual plant that has a swollen stem like a round ball. The older the plant, the bigger the bulb. Now, we just need to find the right pot
Brightly colored, exotic foliage. New leaves tend to curl up and slowly unfurl 
Interesting plant that stack on one another like pancakes. The leaves can be in a slight heart shape with red tinge which makes it perfect for your love one. Some people call them paddle plant or dog's tongue (I...
Woody succulents that are endemic to South Africa. Under good lighting condition, it will develop very pinkish leaves. They are ok to be watered once a week by soak dry method. Some growers 
Feathery light foilage with super light green for new foliage. One of the well-loved fern for indoor house plant as it resemble bamboo for miniature landscape




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