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Also known as panda plant. Hairy leaves with brown tips at the edge of leaves. One of the most loveable succulents due to it's thick hair leaves and the ease of maintenance. 
With multiples of small rosette leaves that form a crown of cushion. Leaves are fresh green
An attractive succulent with sprawling leaves with purplish red trim on the edges of the apple green leaves. Flowers comes in small bell-shaped. Nodulosa is from latin word that represent small knots which usually...
Commonly known as string of heart, these vine succulents are lovely and hardy! The leaves are in the heart shape. With the hardiness and such lovely shape leaves, it is sure a wonderful gift for your love ones. 
One of the easiest Echeveria to care for in the market. Comes with a nice rosette form and tend to grow flowers under right condition (well ventilated and keep soil semi dry)
Calathea orbifolia with hydro pot Calathea orbifolia with hydro pot
$22.50 $25.00
Lovely leaves due to it's unusually round yet wavy leaves. Beautiful dark and light green pattern. The best news, most calathea are able to clean air! This particular plant is in hydro pot as such, we eliminate...
Calathea green lipstick Calathea green lipstick
$16.20 $18.00
Huge crown with very distinct white silverish outline around each leave. The best news, most calathea are able to clean air!  PS: We can't the perfect plant with non-torn leaves or some yellow spots as all plants are...
Calathea stromanthe triostar Calathea stromanthe triostar
$13.50 $15.00
Stunning plant with shades of white, pink and green, when planted in a bush, it looks flamboyant lush center piece of plant. The best news, most calathea are able to clean air!  PS: We can't the perfect plant with...
Monstera adansonii Monstera adansonii
$13.50 $15.00
The newly aged  leaves are usually heart shape and over times, it start to develop holes that resemble swiss cheese. Some people actually call them Swiss Cheese plant. A super easy to grow plant that thrives under...
“Love planted a rose, and the world turned sweet.” – Katharine Lee Bates, Songwriter
“The art of love…is largely the art of persistence.” – Albert Ellis, Psychologist
“Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere. They’re in each other all along.” – Rumi, Poet




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