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Monstera deliciosa (Medium) Monstera deliciosa (Medium)
$25.00 $30.00
Some people call them Swiss Cheese Plant (look at the leaves). A tropical plant under the Araceae family. An enormous shrub/tree with leaves growing up to 1m wide in the wild. Due to it's interesting foliage, it has...
Interesting plant that stack on one another like pancakes. The leaves can be in a slight heart shape with red tinge which makes it perfect for your love one. Some people call them paddle plant or dog's tongue (I...
Feathery light foilage with super light green for new foliage. One of the well-loved fern for indoor house plant as it resemble bamboo for miniature landscape
Time to be a responsible parent to nurture these babies to big plants! Due to their size, they can easily fit into terrariums!  PS: We can't the perfect plant with non-torn leaves or some yellow spots as all plants...




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